Pre owned Equipment

Preowned SIEMENS MRI systems are subject to procedures specified by a SIEMENS process for used equipment:

  • After introduction of a new type of system, SIEMENS usually provides a warranty period of at least one year.
  • The new system type will be manufactured over a certain time and represents the official current OEM product.
  • With the cessation of the production of a certain system type (EOP = end of production) the manufacturer is obliged to provide spare parts and service for 10 years.
  • After 10 years (EOS = end of service), spare parts are no longer available and a secured service is no longer offered by SIEMENS.
    inmed extends the EOS period usually for at least 5 years.

Optical refactoring of SIEMENS MRI Systems

All systems are inspected, cleaned, repaired and optically re-factorized if necessary prior to the delivery to our customers. As a precaution wear parts are exchanged.