Online Magnet Control

All monitored parameters are displayed graphically and facilitate the user to monitor his MRI even from outside of his practice or hospital at any time.

Further advantages of the inmed monitoring system are:

  • monitoring regardless of location
  • variability, as the system can be extended by other parameters
  • the helium level indicator which is built in the MRI system is used to monitor the helium level
  • all acquired data can be used by inmed to prevent trouble that can occur inside of the system – such as ordering helium in time to avoid extra cost, prepare filter exchange for next preventive maintenance, etc.

MaReMo provides enough data to decide if the cold head and compressor is running normal or if a preventive action is necessary.

Via a secured VNC tunnel inmed provides an online access to SYNGO user software, which allows us to read error codes or to run specific test procedures to avoid unnecessary travel time for us and down time for the customer.