Rewire the entire system

All system components are connected according to the manufacturer’s installation using the cables which originally belong to the MRI system. The wiring of the machine room is separated from that in the examination room. Cables from SIEMENS MRI systems are usually installed under the ceiling on cable trays.

Electrical Commissioning

After completing the wiring work, individual components are gradually turned on. After all the equipment in the machine room, operating room, and in the examination room is turned on without showing any errors, the next step can be initiated.

Start-up of the magnet

The magnet is ramped up to the nominal magnetic field by using a magnet power supply (MPS). After the magnetic field is built up, homogenization is carried out. This is done by measuring the magnetic field in the magnet center and the so-called ‘shim’. For this purpose, small metal plates are attached in the magnet in accordance to patterns calculated by the ‘shim program’.

Completion of the installation

The last work in an MRI installation is the final calibration or so-called tune-up. For this, the machine-specific programs that are in the software of the system, must be activated using system specific service keys. The service keys are available directly from the manufacturer and must be purchased from the manufacturer for every MRI system.