Nikola Rehn-Chorvat
CEO and Marketing

English, Spanish, German

Mrs. Rehn-Chorvat joined inmed in August 2013. As a skilled hotel manager, she entered the company and the branch as a career changer. She is focused on the marketing division. Mrs. Rehn-Chorvat is part of the executive board and an attorney. Since 2019 she is CEO.

Ladislav Vavricka
Management Sales and Projects

English, Czech, German

Mr. Vavricka was employed with inmed as a service technician for SHIMADZU CT scanners in April 2001, bearing the title “Master of Electrical Engineering” His activities were expanded in 2005 by the service on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems of the manufacturer SIEMENS Healthineer. In 2007 Mr. Vavricka was promoted to Service Manager. Since 2010 he has advanced to technical director of the entire service field as well as the project management. Since 2018, Mr. Vavricka has gradually taken over the responsibilities of Mr. Rehn. He is now responsible for the Sales and Project Planning departments. The service management Ladislav Vavricka has handed over to Salih Yakut in 2018. In 2015 he was promoted to attorney. Mr. Vavricka is a member of the executive board.

Guido Retzmann
Administrative Manager and IT Manager

English, German

Mr. Retzmann started his career in medical technology in 2003 with RADOSCAN GmbH as a service technician for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) from SIEMENS. In 2004 he took over the service line of RADOSCAN and accompanied the ISO-certification. 2005 Mr. Retzmann joined inmed medizintechnik GmbH where he initially worked as a service technician and initiated the ISO-certification process of inmed in the same year. In 2006, his activities were extended to project management and business management assistant. In 2010 Mr. Retzmann was promoted to attorney and since then has been responsible for human resources, quality management, financial control, and business management. He is also a member of the executive board.

Sebastian Betz
Deputy Administrative Manager and QM

English, German

Sebastian Betz started his career in inmed in 2008 as an apprentice for IT specialist for system integration. After he took over the Management of the IT department in 2013, he also dedicated to the quality management where he finally in 2015 took over the position as Commissioner. Since 2016 Mr. Betz is the Deputy Administrative Manager. In 2017 he was assigned to the Management of the Coil Repair department and to the Warehouse. Since the end of 2018 he is part of the Management Board.

Erik Rehn

Mr. Rehn is an academically graduated engineer – his career started 1976 as employee of SIEMENS AG Erlangen in the medical technology department. His area of responsibility was the worldwide installation of computer tomography systems of the manufacturing company OHIO NUCLEAR/TECHNICARE. In 1980, Mr. Rehn moved to TECHNICARE, Wiesbaden. In 1987, Mr. Rehn founded inmed Medizintechnik GmbH together with two further CEOs. Mr. Rehn had been responsible for the entire business of inmed in Taunusstein since 1990. In January 2000, inmed Medizintechnik the CEOs split and Erik Rehn reincorporated the company under the same name in Offenbach in May 2000. Since that time Mr. Rehn directed the company successfully and with a constant growth. Erik Rehn managed the company as the only CEO until 2018 and resigned from the operating business 01. January 2019.